Fund Raising

I am writing to you to ask if you would be willing to support the creation of a Men’s Shed in Cleobury Mortimer

Men’s Shed started in Australia and has spread across the western world. We are a member of the UK Men’s Shed Association (UKMSA) and a Registered Charity (No. 1178085). There are currently there are two new sheds opening each week in the UK.

The Shed is primarily aimed at older men who enjoy making things and want to make new friends. It is known that this helps to prevent loneliness and depression. We are already working in partnership with Cleobury Mortimer Medical Centre and receive appropriate referrals by the local GP’s and plan to be more involved with the local community

There are now more than thirty members including six trustees and we expect to have many more members now that the shed is ‘up and running’ and we are open 3 days a week.

CMMS is included in the Cleobury Mortimer Town Council Neighbourhood Plan and have received donations and support from Cleobury Compassionate Communities, Mawley Town Farm and Cleobury Town Council, as well as individual donations. In Spring 2018 we won a public vote to bid for up to £1,000 of funding from the Town Council. CMMS are grateful to Co-Co and Mawley Town Farm for enabling us to start up and secure a site.

To date we have leased a site on the Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate and purchased a used caravan (30’ x 10’), which was to be used as Mess Room / Base while the Shed was being erected. The 30’ x 20’ shed, which is to be of a well-insulated timber construction with a concrete floor for use all year round, is well equipped and provides 5 separate work stations for the use of members. Some donations of equipment and tools have already been made.

The project was split into 5 phases:

  1.  Groundworks, concrete foundation, services Est: £2,550
  2.  Building the shed. Est: £10,200
  3.  Installation of services – 3 phase electricity, water and sewage. Est: £6,200
  4.  Insulation, internal boarding, electrics, heating. Est: £4,850
  5.  Fitting out with cupboards, work benches, tools and equipment. Est: £4,500

We are still seeking help from local companies for sponsorship, discounts and donations and will endeavour to keep our ongoing costs as low as possible. Building the shed ourselves has been a major cost saving.

We are therefore asking you to support our Charity both now and in the future as it will benefit our local community and help to tackle this growing problem of loneliness and depression.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Blackburn Chairman, CMMS