We are a small group of men who have come together to create our own Men’s Shed. The Shed is to be a safe, friendly and inclusive place for men to make friends, have a laugh and a joke and generally enjoy themselves in a warm and inviting environment.

CMMS is a member of the UK Men’s Shed Association and Registered Charity (No. 1178085).

The Shed is primarily aimed at older men who enjoy making things and want to make new friends. It is known that this helps to prevent loneliness and depression. We are already working in partnership with Cleobury Mortimer Medical Centre and receive appropriate referrals by the local GP’s and plan to be more involved with the local community and the dementia Care Home opening nearby.

There are now more than twenty members including six trustees and we expect to have many more members once the shed is ‘up and running’. Our intention is to be open 2 or 3 days a week.

Since October 2017 we have leased a site at a pepper corn rent on the Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate and purchased a used caravan (30’ x 10’), which is to be used as Mess / Meeting Room. We have detailed plans for the 30’ x 20’ shed, which is to be of a well-insulated timber construction with a concrete floor for use all year round. Some donations of equipment and tools have already been made.

Planning Permission has been granted by Shropshire County Council.

The building is now complete and machinery is installed. The opening date is July 2nd 2022.

CMMS is included in the Cleobury Mortimer Town Council Neighbourhood Plan and has received donations and support from Cleobury Compassionate Communities, Mawley Town Farm and following a public vote received a grant of from Cleobury Town Council, as well as individual and business donations. Local Parish Councils have provided grants and we have also received a substantial donation from the Shropshire Men’s Shed Association. Grants have been provided by the National Lottery, the Truemark Trust and The Hobson Charity. We are also continuing with local fundraising.

Donations ‘in kind’ include tools, equipment, discounted electrical installation, discounted building materials, free labour, concrete foundation laid at no cost, and free park surfacing amount to £13,600.

The overall cost of the project is £51,200 with £40,200, including ‘donations in kind, raised to date. The main structure of the shed has now been completed. However, we still need to raise further funds to connect the water supply and foul drain to the and complete the internal electrics, fitting out and equipment, which amounts to £11,000.

The Shed is expected to be self- funding when up and running.